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Playing with Embossing Folders

Happy New Year and welcome back to my Blog. For my first video of 2021 I made four cards using embossing folders. I was lucky enough to get new embossing folders as a birthday gift from my sister. As I was admiring the folders, she asked me if I knew how to use them and if I had the tool I needed. I had to chuckle when she asked and told her "Of course I do." I told her that my first video of 2021 would be showing how to use the embossing folders so that is exactly what I did. I used two of the folders she gave me as well as two I had in my stash. I had forgotten how quick and easy it is to make cards using embossing folders. I think I will have to make it a point to make a few cards each month using one of the many embossing folders I have in my stash.

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